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International Orders

We've just about ready to start taking international orders! Yay! If you are planning on placing an international order it would be very helpful if you would email us at with your postal code so we can do some additional testing. More news soon.

Shipping News

We've revised our shipping charges slightly. They are explained on the STORE page.

The Games Are Here!

They have finally arrived! This is good news for everyone. Thanks for your patience. It has been a long journey and dealing with what is for us a large shipment has been a big task but it's now complete. Playtesters will receive their games shortly.

Phil Pritchard at WBC!

This was a great event! Many people know Phil and there was much reminiscing about the early days of wargaming. Phil signed a bunch of games for eager buyers and had a good time himself seeing the enormous changes in the hobby. Again, thanks to Phil for creating the game in the first place.

Website Changes

We'll be updating the site in the next few weeks. Lensman will be featured on some podcasts, we'll have just a few pictures of Phil at WBC and other good stuff.

Discounts and Orders

Preorders have their discount codes. People who filled out postcards at Origins will get a discount code when we send their postcard. Contact us if you filled out a postcard and want to order immediately. The postcard discount gets you $10 off the price of the game and free shipping. If you have a coupon, use the STORE link in the navigation bar to the left. We're working on getting the postcards out. Or, you can order through your friendly, local game store. They deserve it!







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