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Errata for Phil Pritchard's Lensman

Despite our efforts there are errata. We'll publish what we're aware of with several levels of fixes.

  1. workaround - intended to let you play immediately but we don't consider it a permanent solution
  2. errata sheet - can be downloaded and kept in the game box
  3. new edition of the rules - can be downloaded and printed, will only occur rarely
  4. new components - rarest

PPL Errata 10/23/2010

  1. Form 1: Introductory Game Turn Record Form
    • The graphic for the fort is very faint, the boxes that look like they are empty have a fort symbol in them if you look closely.
    • There is a fort shown for Eddore at QQ-5. That is incorrect. The fort should be at RIgel.
  2. The combat effect of forts for the Introductory Game is not explained. The following should be considered part of section 10 in the Introductory Game rules.
    • Forts are combat units but not ships. They participate in combat but do not count against the stacking limit.
    • Ships located in a system with a friendly fort have their power points and screen quote doubled.
    • Forts have their listed power points and screen quota.
  3. There are not enough 'Fort Supplied' counters. Players should agree on another counter to use. We're working on this.
  4. Hamal is two hexes from the Arisian convoy route. The Arisian player is allowed to move freighters 2 hexes from the convoy route to get to and from Hamal.
  5. The last sentence of section 4 of the Introductory Game rulebook refers to Section 7.13 page 33, which should actually be 7.14 page 37.





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