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Great People Helping

We've been very lucky to have the assistance of some very talented resources. All have done awesome work.

Jack Frank

Jack's combination of gamer sensitivities and years of professional artistic experience has made our new counters and map beautiful and modern. Beyond the art, his advice about the preparation of the graphics materials has been very helpful. Contact us if you want to get in touch with Jack.

Heartland Publishing Services

Their services have been crucial to achieving the quality we are pursuing. We strongly recommend that anyone involved in publishing any gaming related material contact them.

Charlie Kibler

Decades of experience and total professionalism made Charlie an invaluable asset to the project.

Rules Editors, Advisors, Playtesters

Paul Burdick, Richard M. Shay, Laurie McKenna, Colin Blackburn, Mario M. Butter, Bret Gorsline, Kyle Klingler, Brett Miller, Denise Moy, Nick Sauer, James Scheiderich, Brad Taylor





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Great People Helping


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